Partial refunds of the canvas size can be reimbursed IF the portrait isn't done the way you like and I never print and mount it to the canvas selected for the portrait. 

The portion received back would be the portion for the canvas as time was spent making a digital portrait whether it was liked or not. 

Example. If you wanted a one person portrait that costs $13.06 per person. But if you wanted it on a $40 12x16 canvas and you didn't like the digital portrait after I try over and over again to get what you want or I am unable to work well with the images but I sent you ANY drafts, I keep the $13.06 per person and you keep the $40 on the canvas I never used that you purchased initially. This is for my time and copyright purposes incase one tries to print off my art elsewhere. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Marianna Silva

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